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Articles published in Dallas South News

Weird and endangered at the Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo is the largest zoo in Texas and it’s breeding programs have set standards for other zoos around the world. The zoo is home to the most successful okapi breeding program in the world that has been running since the early 80’s. The southern ground hornbill is one of the newest breeding programs at the zoo, and the keepers have high hopes for their first breeding pair.

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Articles published in the SMU Daily Campus

Exotic animal licenses in Texas face criticism for being to lax

The relaxed laws in Texas regarding exotic animal ownership create an environment where people can not be sure of what animals their neighbors are keeping behind their fences.

Vagina Monologues starts conversation

The Vagina Monologues was successful in starting the conversation on the SMU campus, but necissarily in the way that they had hoped. The Vagina Monologues’ posters faced criticism, backlash from the SMU faculty and defamation by the SMU student body, highlighting the need for the event in the first place.

What’s for dinner, Texas?

What’s for dinner in Texas? Road kill, if it were up to Tink Nathan. Nathan, a republican and founder of Tink’s Deer Scent Company, recently ran for state representative in district 53 in Texas. The human consumption of road kill is actually legal in most states, the most recent convert being Montana. Texas is one of just three states that doesn’t allow any collection of road kill. But should Texas begin to allow the collection and consumption of road kill?

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Article published by Global Animal

Chocolate Dipped Tusks: A Not-So-Sweet Disguise

Roughly 30,000 elephants are killed annually to fuel the ivory trade. This black market good is being disguised to ensure it can get out of Africa and supply the Eastern medicine trade.

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