About Me

My name is Sarah Bell. I have a passion for animals, conservation, and education.

After spending several years working hands on with exotic animals in a range of settings I have dedicated myself to conservation in a whole new way. I spent four weeks in Sierra Leone researching chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus) and human conflict before moving to Oxford, England to further my education. I have recently finished my Masters in science in primate conservation to add to my bachelors in science in anthropology with a minor in journalism.  I have recently completed my thesis which focuses on the effects of volunteer tourism on conservation. Through my work I have developed a science and conservation blog which boasts over 2,500 followers and also chronicles my time in the field.

This combination of education and experience is what makes me capable as a primatologist, educator, zoo keeper, conservationist, and journalist.

Please read my resume for more information on my work history and special skills.