About Me

My name is Sarah Bell. I have a passion for animals, conservation, and education.

After spending several years working hands on with exotic animals in a range of settings I have dedicated myself to conservation in a whole new way. I spent several weeks in Sierra Leone researching chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus) and human conflict before moving to Oxford, England to further my education. I went on to receive my Masters in science in primate conservation to add to my bachelors in science in anthropology with a minor in journalism.  In 2015 I completed thesis which focuses on the effects of volunteer tourism on conservation. I am currently working towards my PhD and my research will focus on Sierra Leone after the Ebola epidemic. This project will involve investigating any cultural changes that may have happened due to the epidemic and how these changes effect wildlife and the environment. Through my work I have developed a science and conservation blog which boasts over 2,500 followers and also chronicles my time in the field.

This combination of education and experience is what makes me capable as a primatologist, anthropologist, educator, zoo keeper, conservationist, and journalist.

Please read my resume for more information on my work history and special skills.